2021 at a glance!

In collaboration with TAWA and the four partner organisations Kope Lion, STEP, TPW, Lion Lanscapes, we promoted a 2-weeks coexistence training for 20 TAWA rangers, showcasing different models of human-wildlife conflict mitigation.

In 2021, more than 4000 children from pastoralist communities worked with our education conservation team to identify threats and solutions to maintain healthy rangelands in Northern Tanzania.

60 women were trained as Rangeland Guardians and are restoring 100 hectares of degraded rangelands removing invasive plants.

14 community members in Monduli District were trained as Resource Assessors and can monitor rangeland health and support correct grazing decisions.

In collaboration with SORALO, Oikos expanded the Marketplace literacy training programme in the South Rift of Kenya. The Marketplace Literacy, designed to empower informally educated women, is now a transboundary programme. Oikos has trained nearly 9,000 women in Kenya and Tanzania.