National Stakeholders Forum for CBWSO’s Guideline

PAIR (Promoting Accountability to Increase community Resilience), one of the youngest projects under the funded by UkAid funded Accountability Tanzania programme (AcT2), and implemented by Oikos East Africa in partnership with Hakikazi Catalyst, is facilitating the first National Stakeholder Forum to review the guidelines for the Community Based Water Supply Organizations. This is a big advancement in the governance of rural water which potentially will translate in better water for all in rural Tanzania.


The Forum, held in Singida from the 8th to the 10th of July, is coordinated by the Rural Water and Sanitation Agency, RUWASA, and is engaging a total of 35 local and international CSOs, which are working together with the RUWASA and Ministry of Water experts to provide important insights on the CBWSOs future Guidelines. The guidelines cover all aspects of access to rural water, including tariff settings and performance monitoring, users groups registration, private sector engagement, groups clustering modalities.


The document will guide RUWASA, CBWSOs and other stakeholders engaging in rural water services, harmonising all national actors, and setting the foundation for good accountability within the rural water sector.