Our programmes

Who we are:

Oikos East Africa (OEA) is an independent Tanzanian NGO based in Arusha. Since 1999, OEA has championed the protection of biodiversity and the sustainable use of natural resources as tools to fight poverty and boost community well-being. 


At OEA, we believe the health and wellness of future generations will be secured with today’s people-centered approach to environmental conservation. We envision a future in which local communities and authorities work together to promote fair socio-economic development based on the sustainable use of natural resources.


Rooted in culturally sensitive and environmentally sustainable interventions, our mission is to apply the highest ethical and scientific standards to support rural communities in pursuit of additional knowledge, technologies, and good governance to protect their own ecosystems. Women and girls are always at the centre of our work. 


Our diverse team is comprised of specialists in sustainable water management, biodiversity conservation and ecological monitoring, climate change adaptation, conservation education, sustainable food production, renewable energy services, and capacity building for the creation of nature-based enterprises. Monitoring and evaluation activities are woven throughout every aspect of our work. Our field team is committed, experienced, and dedicated to the communities we serve.


Our programmes:


Oikos is committed to defining, testing, and promoting science-backed strategies and technologies that assist local communities to use their own water, soil, and forests in the most efficient and sustainable ways.


Our work is grounded in respect for cultural diversities and dedication to co-creation and co-implementation with local people. This approach allows us to address the interconnected needs challenging Tanzanian landscapes today, such as increasing the economic independence of vulnerable communities and tackling climate change.


With a focus on Tanzania’s northern region and on women and girls, OEA works closely with local communities around four priority areas:

1) Water for people, wildlife, and livestock

2) Elevating the role of women & girls in conservation

3) Climate change adaptation

4) Nature-based solutions for community well-being 


We tailor our work to the changing needs of local people, which means each conservation project looks different depending on the place — from the construction of water boreholes in one district to rangeland health monitoring in another. Consistent throughout our programming is our commitment to breaking down barriers that hold women back from participating in sustainable resource use decisions. By placing women at the center of our work, we aim to help unleash their potential to achieve the positive social and environmental impact they envision.


OEA believes in the power of working together to create a collaborative working environment, and our layered approach to conservation means that we act simultaneously on the community level, the institutional level, and the scientific level.

Since its foundation, OEA has worked in partnership with local and international NGOs, state and parastatal Tanzanian institutions, international research institutes, and universities to strengthen monitoring and knowledge sharing opportunities.

Oikos East Africa is a long-term partner of Istituto Oikos of Italy, a nonprofit organization that operates in Europe and in Lebanon, Myanmar, Mozambique to safeguard biodiversity.


OEA is incorporated in Tanzania under NGO Act 2002, registration number 10035