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Fostering local community participation in rural water supply management in Meru District, Tanzania

The intervention represents the follow up of a project realized by OEA and other partners from 2011 to 2015 which brought to the construction of an extensive water distribution scheme (about 300 km of pipes laid) covering 22 rural villages in North of Tanzania. Officially concluded in August 2015, the water distribution system is currently managed by a Community Association (MAKILENGA) and serves water to more than 50.000 people. The project “Fostering local community participation in rural water supply management” has been designed to improve the technical and administrative capacities of the “water scheme managers” and to increase rural communities awareness on water use and hygiene and sanitation practices. Specifically the project will directly train the staff of MAKILENGA on water scheme ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, store management, billing system and accounting in order to create an efficient and fully independent entity which guarantees the sustainability of water supply scheme for the well-being of 10,000 rural families; will provide materials for ordinary operations; and will share and disseminate information and best practices among schools and communities in general on water, hygiene and sanitation aspects.