Safe water for all

The Manyara region, in northern Tanzania, is one of the poorest regions in the country and in some districts, many people do not have access to water.

The most vulnerable sections of the population, such as women, children and disabled people, cannot count on this essential resource. KISIMA wants to ensure fair and economically sustainable access to water systems and sanitation in the districts of Kiteto and Simanjiro.

In partnership with Istituto Oikos and in close collaboration with the Ministry of Water agency RUWASA, Oikos East Africa will support the installation of a desalination plant, the construction of circa 60 latrines in strategic areas at risk of disease transmission such as bus stations, the realisation of 3 boreholes, extensive campaigns to promote hygiene and sanitation practices, capacity building.

The project spans over a vast area in Simanjiro and Kiteto and is funded by AICS, the Italian Agency for Development and Cooperation.