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TERRA: Integrated actions to increase resilience to Climate Change of pastoral communities

TERRA aims to increase pastoralist communities’ resilience to the effects of climate change in the Region of Arusha, in Northern Tanzania, by strengthening their capacity to manage ecosystem services through sustainable integrated actions at different levels (boma, rangeland, village authorities, district officers, schools and urban citizenship).

The three-year project funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation started in March 2017 and will terminate in February 2020. It is implemented in partnership with the Arusha and Meru District Councils, the Municipality of Arusha and the Municipality of Milan.

Here below a brief summary of the main sectors of intervention:

Land management and pasture conservation

The project carries out ecological monitoring to identify the areas most exposed to degradation and will then work with communities to develop sustainable management plans at village level.

Alternative energy and Climate Change mitigation

Reduction of deforestation and halting of desertification and soil erosion through installation of domestic biogas plants, solar bottles and the planting Commiphora trees as boma fencing.

Resilient farming

The Project promotes and supports the reintroduction of drought-resistant crops and the introduction of climate smart agriculture techniques (e.g. intercropping, nine seeds holes, chaka hoes).

Sustainable income-generating activities

Leather processing has been identified as a promising sector to create alternative income opportunities in the area. The Project promotes and supports the start-up of women’s micro-enterprises for the production of naturally tanned leather and of sustainable handicrafts.

Raising awareness among citizens and youth on the effects of climate change

An awareness campaign will target students and the general public of Arusha City, Arumeru District and Lombardy Region (Italy) to increase knowledge about climate change’s impacts and adaptation solutions. Local authorities from Milan (Italy) and Arusha will take part in a training and exchange programme on the topic.