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Sustainable farming practices for food security in Maasai steppes

This project started in January 2010 and lasted 2 years, was funded by the European Union and wanted to act as response to soaring food prices in developing countries.
The project was designed and implemented by Istituto Oikos. Oikos East Africa was a key part of the project team together with the Meru District Council, the Tropical Pesticides Research Institute (TPRI), the Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA), the Livestock Traning Institute, the Njiro Wildlife Research Center, the Department of Geological Science and Geotechnologies of the University of Milano Bicocca, the Environmental Health and Safety Department of the University of Insubria.
The initiative aimed at fighting malnutrition through the diffusion of sustainable agriculture practices and the realisation of educational campaigns about the importance of a correct nutrition. The project targeted local primary and secondary schools by creating ex novo vegetable and fruit gardens and energy-efficient kitchens, by training school cooks and students’ mothers on healthy cooking practices and basic hygiene in food preparation, by raising awareness and education on organic farming and sustainable water management techniques. The Food Facility project build large drip irrigation schemes and rehabilitated irrigation systems and canals. As a promoter of healthy diverse diets, the project created two honey-processing centres (one in Ngarenanyuki ward and one in Oldonyosambu Ward) and equipped 290 people organized in 32 groups with beehives and tools for honey harvesting. Poultry farms and small-scale cooperatives were also created increasing availability and accessibility to protein rich foods.